COVID-19 Response
A complete solution to monitor public health
Executive Dashboard
Convert Data into Information
Capacity Building and Outsourcing
Building knowledge community
Geo-enabling your business
Spatial Enterprise Solutions
Spatial Data Infrastructure
Improving Governmental services
Domain Specific Consultancy
On Demand Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

COVID-19 Monitoring & Response

The advancement of the geospatial technologies is growing dramatically and becoming a major success factor for many organizations if they know how to utilize it into their core business. The challenge now is in advancing the people to utilize the technology available and bring them to speed to bring more value to their fields by utilizing the geospatial technology

Naeema Al Zarouni, CEO of Geo-Links

Providing IT & GeoSpatial Services to Governmental agencies in UAE

Deep understanding of UAE business needs

Specialized in Capacity building and SMEs augmentation

Partnering with US industry leaders

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