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Gitex 2018

Along with Department of Planning and Municipalities (DPM) GeoLinks is proud to announce the launch of “Aqarat Abu Dhabi” initiative. Along With GIS professionals from the department this project was successfully accomplished just in time to be announced in GITEX Technology Week 2018. “Aqarat Abu Dhabi” system aims to become the trusted platform used by both residents and guests of Abu Dhabi to list and find properties in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also provides a suitable medium for brokers and investors to showcase their properties and have a general idea about the real estate market in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the system features a live property index indicator and a real rental index that reads directly from the actual transactions database. The system then presents the most important indices as graphical elements for the public and the investors in Abu Dhabi.


on the 15th of Jan 2019, “Aqarat” was launched by the Department of Planning and Municipalities in both versions Aqarat Anroid” and Aqarat IOS. The Application is making its way now to the public who will enrich the Database with real data conveying the message of having a trusted platform to list and find properties in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Read more, “Aqarat” on  Al Watan Newspaper” ,  Al Ain News” ,  Al Arabiya News” …

MCC Consultants/Contractors Appreciation Ceremony

During Abu Dhabi and monitoring Control Center Appreciation Ceremony for Consultants/Contractors, GeoLinks was awarded an appreciation recognizing GeoLinks latest effort along with MCC in building a complete Geo-spatial SMART portal. Moreover, GeoLinks has built an automated NOC System with Geo-abilities that assisted in making the NOC procedure easier saving time and effort. This appreciation is one of the most that Geolinks is proud of having at both the business and the technical level. Building up Geo-Smart-Solutions for our clients and Succeeding in using and integrating them with the clients’ current environment makes us very proud and gives us a push for tackling the next challenge.

Government Accelerators Initiative

The Government Accelerators is a platform for cross sectoral government teams to address challenges and achieve ambitious goals in short periods of time, focusing on four key areas: NKPIs, Policies, Projects, and Services. The Government Accelerators will accelerate the implementation of projects, policies and regulations, and instill the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Government, as well as encourage integration between Government entities and the private sector. In this respect, GeoLinks participated in this initiative

Geopedia 2017 - Abu Dhabi Hosing Authority

Along with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, GeolLinks has developed GEOPEDIA a web portal based application allowing ADHA to access the ready-to-use maps, data, and templates. The purpose of this application is to make it easy to access & search data, create and share your maps throughout your organization or your team. GeoLinks is proud to develop and assist in automating a predefined processes and work flows for entities as well as digitizing data and make it spatially enabled which in return helps in saving time and effort and give a step forward to achieve the vision of smart government.

6th GCC Municipalities & Smart Cities Conference 2016

In alignment of the government vision of Smart City and smart Government, GeoLinks has participated in the 25th GCC Municipalities and Smart Cities Conference within which GeoLinks presented the actual importance of GIS and GeoMapping in the transformation process to achieve Smart City Goal. Geo-Awareness is something that GeoLinks is keen on distributing among individuals and Government entities. Hence, the participant is such events is considered a key point in the actual transformation toward that goal. Smart Geo-Solution is what GeoLinks mainly offer and demo during such event; those types of services that are supposed to help in urban planning, future assumptions and probability studies, infrastructure management, assets management, facility management and much more.

Esri User Conference 2015

GeoLinks is proud to be one of the participants in Esri User Conference, the world’s largest Conference that speaks GIS. Having our booth, GeoLinks was able to demo its application and services that are built on top of Esri technologies. All in which helps to ensure compliance of data for use across an enterprise, provides data validation, management and creation for spatial and tabular data held in a variety of formats. It allows users to assess the quality of data to ensure it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose. It also performs data re-engineering tasks, such as cleaning data, transforming data or creating new data from existing data assets. An event like Esri UC is the kind of events that GeoLinks is proud to be part of as it is a good chance to demo what GeoLinks have done over the years and demo it for the public promising a better future for GIS in UAE.

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