Key Projects

NCEMA : National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority

In two phases’ project, GeoLinks succeeded in implementing National Spatial Data Infrastructure – NSDI that facilitates data aggregation from several governmental entities and use them for the critical mission of NCEMA.


GeoLinks supported NCEMA for governing and placing the policies of data sharing in forms of MOUs and SLAs.


The complete geography of UAE is the coverage of this project that makes the challenge in aggregating different formats spatial data with different spatial references and host them in a unified spatial data warehouse considering high-end of security standards.

ADHA : Abu Dhabi Housing Authority

GeoLinks is providing professional services to ADHA for designing and implementing enterprise GIS system integrated with Core Business Systems. GeoLinks designed the GIS Roadmap and Strategic Plan. GeoLinks led the implementation of enterprise GIS system enabled for data integration with external governmental entities. This is including GIS Data Model Design, System Architecture Design and Data management plan.


GeoLinks worked with ADHA in developing a customized geo-enabled dashboard and decision support system for the use of executive seniors to get key business metrics of existing and forecasted facilities analyzed with location – Location Intelligence.

MoPW: Ministry of Public Works

GeoLinks worked with MoPW to establish Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure-FSDI for the civilian use to support federal governmental entities in enhancing their services provided to public. GeoLinks worked on situational assessment and system design, then designed the FSDI data model to aggregate spatial datasets from other Data custodians and load it in unified FSDI system. The system provides data services for other governmental entities for direct access and use in their daily business activities.


Building Web and Mobile apps that uses FSDI, as proven implementation of this system, is also part of this project.


GeoLinks supported MoPW in governing data sharing with other entities by drafting MOUs and SLAs between MoPW and other Data Custodians.

DMA: Department of Municipal Affairs

The implementation of geospatial capacity building program by providing municipal experts assessed the training needs of DMA and three municipalities: Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al-Ain Municipality and Western Region municipality. GeoLinks provided a domain specific courses to municipal sector of Abu Dhabi Emirate that are supported with outsourcing of Municipal SMEs and Real-estate consultants. The program initiated as an implementation of Abu Dhabi Geo-maturity Roadmap. GeoLinks supported DMA in planning the Municipal Innovation and Development Center allowing it to be a world-class ecosystem for:



  • Simulating environment for innovation
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Capacity building
  • Research and Development
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