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All our training programs have a set of core objectives:


  • Adopt an innovative model for GIS and technology capacity building that serves the needs of end users and sponsoring organizations.
  • Provide competency-based training that balances technology and data issues on the one hand and theories and concepts from the sciences underlying the technology on the other hand.
  • Develop the necessary resources and infrastructure required for effective delivery of training (i.e. training packages, assessment resources, qualified instructors, lab facilities, etc .).
  • Adopt mechanisms for ongoing enhancement and regular updates of offered courses, training materials, and instruction methods.
  • Create a framework/methodology for ongoing enhancement of geospatial training and education as technologies evolve.

Geospatial Courses Offered in Abu Dhabi (2016)



This course specializes in quality control and its importance in terms of geographic data, and describes the tools and methods that help to verify the accuracy and validity of the data in various forms and types, and also clarify the role of quality in every phase of the input, processing and output of geographic data


DurationCourse DatesRegistration DeadlineLanguagePrerequisite
3December 18-20, 2017

December 2, 2016


Basic GIS/IT Experience



Conversion from different databases to geographic databases, linking different databases, connectivity between different geographical spatial data, linking paper charts and photographs with geographic data, converting engineering plans in all its forms to the geographic layers


DurationCourse DatesRegistration DeadlineLanguagePrerequisite
3February 5-7, 2017January 27, 2017English/عربيBasic GIS/IT Experience



This course will illustrate best practices for geographic information systems and services, and how to build the founders of geographical information system, as well as access to the successful experiences in this area.


DurationCourse DatesRegistration DeadlineLanguagePrerequisite
2January 10-11, 2017December 17, 2016EnglishBasic GIS/IT Experience



  • Aligning spatial applications to key business drivers
  • Business process modelling using examples from actual spatial projects
  • Identifying the cost components, including the hidden elements
  • Techniques for the evaluation of practical benefits and for the measuring of intangible benefits
  • Development of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models
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